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Black Combat Trousers Men's TrouserBlack Combat Trousers Men's Trouser
Black Combat Trousers Men's Trouser
Mens black combat trousers are very versatile. You can wear these black combats either as a smart pair of casual trousers which you can wear every day or as a tough pair or workwear trousers. These mens trousers are smart enough to team with a smart coloured shirt or short and hardwearing enough to team with a tshirt and jacket whilst at work indoors or out. We have a massive range of sizes in the black combats from a slim 28" waist up to XXXL 52" waist. 100% heavyweight cotton.
White Combat TrousersWhite Combat Trousers
White Combat Trousers mens white combat cargo trouser cotton. You might need a pair of white combat trousers for work if you work in the NHS or in a kitchen or food related job where it is necessary to show that your clothing is clean for hygienic reasons. You might also need a pair of white combats if you are a painter or decorater for example especially if you use a lot of white paint. Wearing a pair of clean, new, white combat trousers shows that you have clean workwear.
Waterproof Trousers Over Trouser MensWaterproof Trousers Over Trouser Mens
Olive Green, Camo, Navy Waterproof Trousers and OvertrousersWe have a good choice of waterproof trousers ranging from the low cost cheap everyday pull on overtrousers that you can keep handy for really wet weather in 100% nylon. For example basic and packaway Stormguard is great quality, easy to carry with you and is a waterproof coated polyester.
DPM Combat Trousers Mens Camouflage Combat TrouserDPM Combat Trousers Mens Camouflage Combat Trouser
Combat trousers camouflage in waist sizes 28" to 52". These mens DPM combats are based on British Military Army trousers with the dispersing pattern designed to camouflage in the outdoors countryside. The british army camo has recently changed colour and pattern but this DPM pattern in dark greens and browns is still very popular as it camouflages well into the UK conuntryside. We used to sell real army surplus trousers but the quantity and quality were hard to maintain so have switched to the reproduction new army trousers.

Combat Trousers Mens

Black Combat Trousers for MenBlack Combat Trousers for Men
Green Combat trousers for men in black or olive green combat trouser mens. One of our most popular and biggest selling trouser with good reason. These trousers are 100% cotton material and described as heavyweight but that doesnt mean they are uncomfortable to wear. In fact once washed (use fabric conditioner and use a colour washing detergent too to maintain the trousers colour) they are very comfortable and very practical.
Army Surplus Combat Trousers UKArmy Surplus Combat Trousers UK
Army Surplus Genuine, British used combats from £4.99 . We are no longer stocking the genuine army surplus trousers because of quality and size issues. Noone wants to buy online a pair of ex military combats to find they have a burn hole in them and all the sizes were small (as you would expect young british army soldiers are slim and fit unlike the rest of us possibly!) It may be possible to buy stock of genuine army surplus from another site such as silvermans army surplus but please google it.
M65 Trousers m65 combat trouserM65 Trousers m65 combat trouser
M65 trousers in choice of colours m65 trousers black, green or khaki m65s featuring wide belt loops, baggy cut style, cargo pockets, 2 side pockets, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets tough cotton rip-stop fabric
New Lightweights Military StyleNew Lightweights Military Style
New, lightweight army style trousers british army lightweights olive combat trouser
Ex Army Surplus LightweightsEx Army Surplus Lightweights
Army Surplus Fatigues Genuine, British from £4.99
Police Combat Trousers BlackPolice Combat Trousers Black
Black, ripstop police combat trousers with internal baton pocket.
German Moleskin TrousersGerman Moleskin Trousers
Casual, stonewashed, moleskin trousers in the german army combat trouser style, cotton.
Urban Camo Trousers Mens NewUrban Camo Trousers Mens New
Urban Camo Trousers The need for urban camouflage has arisen due to conflicts taking place in built up areas, towns, cities, the urban environment where camo needs to conceal in angular backgrounds of non-green colours. Popular in fashion urban camouflage trousers look bright and are fun to wear.
Camouflage ShortsCamouflage Shorts
Casual, stonewashed camouflage shorts in a fashionable camouflage material and longer length style, 100% cotton and knee length. Dark and light camo choices to choose from. Short length to the knee with zip fly and belt loops. These camouflage shorts also have 2 side pockets and 2 pack pockets like any normal pair of mens shorts and also have fashionable combat pockets on the leg.


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We also have high quality specifically designed for wet weather and all day wear, breathable and waterproof trousers perfect for outdoors all day when hunting, working or fishing, bird watching or if you are a keen hiker or dog walker.

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